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About me - Tashai


I LOVE people and have always loved to entertain.

My story is a very long story but the short of it is,

this venue would not have existed without God's favour and grace...  

My husband and I got married 5 December 1992..... He always ask people how long they've been married and if they say 10 years he would joke and say don't worry they say the first 10 years is the hardest... 

I truly believe it's God's heart for people to get married and it breaks my heart that so many people get divorced these day's  -  I'm sure I will be able to write a book on marriage BUT that is just the thing... there are already so many books out there! So what is the secret to a long happy marriage?!?!

um.... can you hear the crickets yet?

Like with everything in life there is just NO GUARANTEE for that AND nobody knows what

the future hold - the one thing I know is this -





aa1EE .jpg

My husband Danie and I have 3 daughters, Shani, Kaylee-Shaye and Dineo...

We adopted Dineo when she was 7 months old.

I love Romans 8:28 that says: " And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." (NLT)

Allot of people says to us Dineo must be so happy that you adopted her - then I reply - NO were are the HAPPY ONE'S!

Sometimes in life things don't work out exactly how YOU planned it BUT if you TRUST GOD it WILL work out for you and most of the time the way it works out with God in control will amaze you!!!

I made a video for a conference we had with 5 amazing woman from America...

We worked non-stop just to have the roof and walls done... 

My husband and I have been in the ministry (he's a Pastor) from January 1993. We decided to move to Nelspruit/White River in December 2015 and rented a beautiful building to have church in.

October 2018, the building burned down and - I thought - so did my dreams.   BUT God amazed us again - like always.  We were in ministry for 25 years then and we lost EVERYTHING we had gathered over that time in the fire - our chairs, our instruments, our sound system - and so much more. We were devastated. I was sitting under the GREEN SHADE CLOTH on our property and I prayed and said to God I'm "outta here",  I'm DONE, I'm tired, I don't WANT to any more... that same day a guy (that we don't know at all) phoned us out of the blue and asked if we want a steel roof (12m x 6m) FOR FREE? And there our Shiloh journey began...



OUT OF THE ASHES WE RISED.... it's kind of weird we sang that song - Our God (Chris Tomlin)  "out of the ashes we rise"  the last Sunday morning in that building and we had no idea how true those words would be.

From the shade cloth we went to the steel roof then we bought poles and stared to plant our "NEW BUILDINGS" poles.. and we worked our BUD'S off from 7am to sometimes 9pm. Most of the time it was only Danie, me and our garden boy... Danie nearly lost his leg in the whole proses but..